Pods are the new age solution to moving and relocation problems. They are huge metal containers into which a person can pack everything in his house and move it altogether, thereby obliterating the necessity of cardboard boxes. Companies that help with packing and moving own pods that they rent out to customers at a certain rate. They drop the pods at a location and then pick them up again when the customer is ready. These companies also store the pods in their go-downs if the customer so desires. There is of course a certain charge for using the container for a long time. And thus the most important question becomes how much do pods cost? A greatly debated topic for consumers is definitely how much the rate for storing goods in the pod containers.

This should not come as a surprise to people for one of the main goals of any venture is to find the least expensive product that gives best value for money. But this is quite a tricky question to answer correctly for there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. Still, let us take a closer look at the situation. The storage pods cost differ from company to company. Some demand an upfront price for delivering the pods while other companies will add this to the monthly rent for using the container. In general, the price or fee for delivering the pod to the customer’s desired location ranges from $70 to $100. Also the monthly rent on a reasonable rate varies from $70 to $200 and this is also influenced by the size of the container concerned. the pods generally come in 3 different sizes – some that can fit in the contents of a single room, others that can manage a couple of rooms and still more that can deal with all the things in 4 to 5 bedrooms.

Another factor influencing pods cost is the length of time that it is going to be used for. The rates in most cases are inversely proportional to the time meaning that the longer the time period of using the container, the lesser the price. However, this may not be the situation always advertisement some companies lay greater stress on moving and relocation rather than storage facilities. The time period for storage can range anywhere between a month to a few years. Ideally a person should opt for the company that offers the best deal the specific period of time that the customer wishes to store his or her goods for. by keeping these different sides of the story in mind, a person should be able to gain a better understanding of approximately how much storage pods cost. obviously the rates are going to vary from one company to the next but knowing the details always give a person an added advantage. it is advised that people take a look at different storage and moving companies before zeroing in on a particular one.